How to Write a Good CV

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Easy Tips On How To Write A Good CV

Hunting for a job is not easy, especially in today’s times where you have to compete with other hundreds of candidates for one job post. Because of this reason, it is vital to have a good CV that can market yourself and your skills.

Tips On How To Draft The Best CV

A curriculum vitae is considered to be a marketing document of one’s skills, achievements, and abilities. It also includes a candidate’s professional history and specification as to why the holder of the CV is most favorable for the job position that is being offered. Here are a few tips to help you structure your CV and its sections, from the Professional CV Writer –

1. Start With Your Personal Details At The Top Of The Page

Your name, contact details, and professional title should appear at the top of the document. The second information that follows is your contact details. Do not forget to include your phone number and email address as well.

2. Personal Statement

A personal statement can also be referred to as a personal profile and is considered to be a key aspect of every CV. A personal statement is usually included underneath the personal details. Your personal statement should be short, giving a brief overview of yourself, your goals and what you can offer if employed.

3. Employment History And Experience.

This section gives you an opportunity to discuss the previous jobs and the current job if you have one. It is also important that you include work experience and any internships that you may have undergone through in your career.

Moreover, make sure that you list the positioning of each employment and the employer. You can use bullet points or numbers to summarize the role you played as an employee or an intern. Use actual facts and figures to support your key points.

Qualifications And Your Education Level.

A good CV should also include qualifications and your education level. When it comes to the education section, make sure the list is in reverse chronological order. Besides listing down the names of the institution where you went to school, make sure that you include the dates and the grades you achieved during your year of graduation.

Other Tips To Help You Structure Your CV

To make sure that the structure of your CV looks appealing, make sure that you use the correct settings when spacing and formatting your CV. The first thing you should emphasize on is the Headings. Each section of your curriculum vitae should have a heading that is bold and big so that it can be easy to read.

When it comes to font type, make sure that you choose a font that is easy to read such as the Arial font type. However, make sure that you choose a font type that is different from that of the headings.


These are some of the key factors you should consider when writing a CV. Furthermore, make sure that your curriculum vitae is organized, free from grammar errors and spelling mistakes. Once you are done writing your CV, proofread it to make sure that it is on point.