A List of Gardening Tools That Every Avid Gardener Should Have

While gardening is a hobby for some people, it is a passion for the others. Thousands of people across the world decorate and take care of the beautiful garden on a regular basis. If you are one of those people who love to invest personal time in gardening instead of hiring a professional gardener, you should have these 10 tools to add a scintillating flavour of ease to your gardening experience.

1. A Complete Set of Pruning Shears

A complete set of pruning shears includes shears with short, medium as well as long handles. These shears help you reach the farthest parts of a thorny plant without facing the risk of cutting yourself. While a short-handled shear is perfect for precision trimming, a long-handled one is good for fast and effective pruning of medium-sized bushes.

2. Hand Rake or a Leaf Blower

A hand rake will help you keep your garden space clear of any dry leaf debris. If you are into hi-tech gardening stuff, you can also purchase a leaf blower to get rid of the dry and dead leaves effectively.

3. Digging Fork

A digging fork is a perfect tool to have by your side while planting a new flower. It helps you dig the right amount of hole in the mud with just one fell swoop.

4. Synthetic Gloves

The synthetic gloves will protect your delicate hands against harmful chemicals in the soil. They will also prevent accumulation of dirt in your fingernails. These synthetic gloves are usually washable for reuse.

5. Water Hose 

A water hose will create the perfect mist of fresh water that keeps your garden plants hydrated. This water hose will help you shed the right amount of water to all the critical areas in the garden equally.

6. Lawnmower

A lawnmower reduces the manual effort required to trim a big lawn. If you are the proud owner of a lush green garden, it is a good idea to get a powerful lawnmower for the grass trimming task.

7. Stainless Steel Saw

A stainless-steel saw will help you get rid of extra long branches from a tree. It will effectively cut the extending branches of the tree/bush with minimal effort. Also, the stainless-steel nature of the saw will prevent it from catching rust and help it maintain a sharp and functional edge for a long period.

8. Hat

A garden hat is a personalized accessory that will protect you from the sun when you work in your garden in the harsh summers.

9. Wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow will help you carry new plants and flowers as well as unwanted soil debris from one location to another.

10. A Bag of Fertilizers

A bag of nitrogen and phosphorous-based fertilizers will help you keep your garden plants well nourished to extend their lifespans.

Other important gardening tools that you can purchase from a hardware store include scythes, oscillating hoes, garden knives, digging spades, etc. Purchasing these tools will reduce the amount of time taken by you for gardening by a significant amount.