Essential Gardening Tips For Spring

After a long, cold winter, nothing beats the feeling of sunshine on a warm spring day. As the temperatures start to rise, it is the perfect time to begin thinking about gardening. Check out some of these essential gardening tips for spring to get your garden off on the right foot:

1. Clean up your yard.

Wintertime can take a toll on your yard and garden. Soggy leaves, dead branches, and other unsightly debris should be removed. This will leave the soil clear so that you can begin preparing it for planting.

2. Evaluate your soil.

The next step is to see how the soil fared during the winter. In most cases, it will be compacted down and will need to be turned. You may want to consider taking a soil sample to your county extension office to have it tested. That way, you can identify the type of soil that you have along with its pH. This will help you determine whether or not you need to amend it with any compost or soil additives.

3. Tidy up your trees and shrubs.

Remove any dead branches and trim back any unruly foliage. The only exception to this is for flowering trees and shrubs. You should wait to prune them until after they have bloomed.

4. Plant your garden.

Following the planting instructions for each of the types of plants that you are adding to your garden, you can begin planting in the spring. Remember not to start too early. Otherwise, your plants could succumb to frost.

5. Start lawnmower shopping. 

Chances are if you have been mowing your lawn for the last few years, that you’re due a replacement.  We always recommend that you buy the best garden accessories, and lawnmowers that you can afford and you can easily find good equipment, by searching for buy lawnmowers online uk 2018.  A good lawnmower makes it so much more pleasurable to cut the lawn every week.

These gardening tips for spring should help you jumpstart your garden so that it looks great all summer long. Gardening can be a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature. There is nothing quite like the feeling of digging in the soil with the warmth of the sunshine on your back.