How CBD Affects The Houston Real Estate Market

Real estate is a long-known market to invest in for Houston, but the newest trending thing is CBD related products. Although it’s legalized in most states, it’s still a derivative of Cannabis, which means that its subject to many stipulations. Production of it is always under some scrutiny. With Houston as a huge hub for flights and many manufacturing industries, it makes sense that CBD companies take advantage of the warehousing and flight paths to use it as a distribution center.

As markets rise and fall, some properties are subject to foreclosure or, specifically with companies, sometimes bankruptcy. Residential properties will get picked up by we buy houses Houston tx companies, as they often search for “sell my house quick”. In commercial cases, there are investors specifically looking for those individually. Generally, people will assume commercial real estate is mostly for office space, but warehouses provide a lot of value for companies that need to handle fulfillment and shipping, storage (which is huge in Houston), and for open coworking spaces.



For hemp oil production, a lot of these warehouses will provide enough space and they can be obtained at discounted or wholesale prices. As they push out these products, they often go over to cbd hemp oil review sites or cbd oil blogs. As these sites begin to generate more traffic for sales, that requires larger fulfillment centers and manufacture centers. Houston’s large warehouse districts provide these types of structures, often in the east side, where it’s more of an abandoned part of the city.  East Downtown is known for its redevelopment, and so some of these areas are getting bought up and raising prices. As that happens, generally a wave of other properties in a different part of the city will become the new “investor” hot spot. A different part of the city goes becomes the prime spot for investor properties in each wave, as other parts are redeveloped then begin to age when newer areas are chosen.


As CBD starts to talk hold in the market and becomes more and more in demand because of its natural healing properties, Houston may become one of the primary cities where it is found, despite Texas’s legalities revolving around Cannabis in general. Texas is one of the more conservative states, which means that its progress in the legal sector of Cannabis and its related products is lagging behind the likes of California and Colorado. Nevertheless, pressure mounts to promote these industries as it can help with Texas’s self-sustaining economy.


As the CBD industry grows and the Houston real estate market continues to explode, like many other industries, these two are meeting in the middle and combining as the perfect storm for CBD to really take off. Most of the sales for CBD occur online, and generally through private sites rather than amazon and similar seller central sites. As such, the warehouse districts are probably a safe bet when it comes to investing in the real estate market for Houston.